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11/11/20231 min read

Image intentionally left stock, blame laziness
Image intentionally left stock, blame laziness

Sloppy update to note that I stopped by and added a button to nowhere on the home page labeled out of order. I also added the blog portion back up and because there is no rhyme or rhythm to it, I've titled it musings, which seems more appropriate than calling it a blog.

What spurred this sudden reengagement? Well, Nex asked if I had been writing. and it was embarrassing to admit that I hadn't been. That, in conjunction with my new PC were all I needed to at least log into this page.

Intent--as a noun--is bouncing around my mind recently. I can't shake it, That is to say, the meeting of these two factors were the components necessary to bring me here, now.

So there it is, a small site update. And more to follow!