I think I'm to make an anxious post about not knowing which microblogging service to use.


11/13/20231 min read

Painfully obviously stock image of a notebook with a pen on top of it.
Painfully obviously stock image of a notebook with a pen on top of it.

Here we are. This is a blog. I know I said it really wasn't, only about a post ago. I called it musings. But let's move away from the semantics and talk technicalities. Technically it is a blog. I'm using the tool this Hostinger service provides to write these posts, but there are lots of little buttons to press, then there's linking it back to the rest of the site, and changing the color of the sections of the page.

It's a little much.

What are my alternatives. I could go back to Tumblr...i've been thinking. That site specializes in the microblog format. Then I could just link to my tumblr page from the home page here and problem solved. I could do that.

I could also start blogger. But, have you seen it lately. It looks like shit. Again, it specializes in blogging so it might work. It might.

I wonder what else there is in the way of microblogging sites. Oh! Here's a novel idea: I could link to a OneNote or something like that. A shared notebook and keep the entries like a digital journal.

I could go analog and keep a physical journal, scan the pages and upload them to the site so you can see my handwriting.