Forklift Certifications in Texas

Looking for help getting a certification to operate a forklift? Look elsewhere.

5/22/20231 min read

Is getting a forklift certification in Texas confusing? At first glance, and for anyone who's just going for it, not really. You pay to enroll for the training, pass the training, and there you have it. But occupational licenses are those things that sound like a scam and really are scams.

The Texas Department of License and Regulation manages a whole list of occupational licenses, and on one hand I get it. You want to know that the person doing the job is qualified, has had some sort of training or something. But I can't help but think about gun ownership and the lax regulation around that. I know I'll never win this debate. Frankly, it seems like a waste of energy to join one side or the other. I'll just wait till they tire each other out. Anyway, back to Occupational Licensing, particularly certification to drive a forklift.

Turns out the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation doesn't have much at all to do with a forklift certification. OSHA is federally required to ensure that safety training around operating a forklift exists. They also provide certification training ant one of their training institutes... but they haven't gone online with it? Get with the times.

Their website does have resources so if you want to start selling certifications you can do that. Lots of businesses exist that let you buy your certification. Prices range from around 50$ to 100$+. LinkedIn has a good article with some reputable institutions.

Back to my argument, this sounds like a scam but it's totally legit.

Occupational licensing is flawed and although the intent for services to be rendered by qualified professionals, in 2023 it feels like a barrier keeping people down.

If you're interested in getting your forklift certification in Texas, find that LinkedIn article to help you choose the best place to go with. This article might not help you there. If you want to take down the system by rallying the workforce, get at me.